How Much Does A Server At Ihop Make

How Much Does An Ihop Server Make An Hour In New Jersey?

Q: i went on an interview for this position on wednesday and had my second one on thursday and im confident about the position except i would like to kno the rate of pay before i am told by the job. A. Your base pay will be 40% of

How Much Will You Tip The IHOP Servers On Tuesday?

Q: In addition to donating to the charities, I plan to tip the server the normal 15-20 percent of the full menu price. I do this if I have coupons, also, since it is not the server’s fault there is a discount.robbaayy,I hope they spit in your food. You’re

How Can I Make My Resume Accurate But Not Boring?

Q: I was a server at IHOP and now I am trying to build up my resume. the only issue is I suck at anything with resumes except my name. and being a server at IHOP was hectic to say the least, the servers did almost everything except cook

What Can I Get For Breakfast At Ihop For Under Ten Dollars?

Q: and do u need to leave a tip there? A. I haven’t been to IHop in a while, but I don’t recall much, if anything being over $10. You don’t have to leave a tip, but you certainly should leave a tip. Most servers count on tips as

How Much Should A Manager Make?

Q: I’m a server at an IHOP, but I’m making the jump into management. How much should a starting manager make? Is there a place I can find the pay scales? A. Good day,You didn’t say what state you were in, I have been in Mgt in the Texas

As A Server How Do You Figure Out Monthly Income?

Q: I am a server at ihop and i am trying to figure out my monthly income. Do i just figure up the monthly with just my wages or with my wages and tips? A. For tax purposes, you are REQUIRED to report tips.For the purpose of having money

Want To Make A Omelet Like IHOP Does?

Q: I love the omeltes from IHOP and when you read the menu it says they add pancake batter to make them nice and fluffy. My question is how can I reproduce this at home? How much do I add? Do I make the batter and then add it

How Long Do Shifts Normally Last As A Server At IHop?

Q: I’m wondering how long the typical working shift lasts for a server at iHop. Also if there are different shifts as per situation, each listing would be appreciated. All help is very appreciated! A. depends on how busy it isusually it is 7 to 8 hoursas a hostess

How Much Does A Waiter/waitress Make In Tips In A Night?

Q: I just got a job as a waiter and I’m wondering how much I will make each night. I work at IHOP. I’m 16 years old, and have no experience serving food. I know it will depend a lot on how busy we are, and how good my

Is It Rude To Study For Hours And Hours In A Restaurant/cafe?

Q: At times I spend 8 hours during at places like Panera bread and Barnes & Nobles studying. I’ve recently started studying in 24 hour restaurants like IHOP in the middle of the night. I always order things and leave gratuity where applicable. Is there an unwritten rule against

How Long Is It Considered Appropriate To Stay In A Restaurant After You’ve Finished Eating?

Q: And what about different restaurants, such as IHOP compared to the Cheesecake Factory compared to a fancy/formal place? A. Varies with the type of restaurant. Places like Denny’s/IHOP, you shouldn’t linger too long as the waitstaff don’t get too much of a tip per table and they depend

How To Get Ready For New Born Baby? Advice Is Needed Please?

Q: I’m 18 and my boyfriend is 21. Well long story short, i’m 9 weeks pregnant. I know people say don’t have kids until your ready yadda yadda but it happened and can’t change it now. Well I work at iHOP and make about 300 a week. I talked

Im A College Student And I Need To Find A Part Time Job Where Can I Look To Get Hired On Somewhere Fast?

Q: I really need to find a job to pay car payments and rent and all that good stuff and i need to find one fast! Any ideas besides websites? A. Finding a part time job should be pretty easy. Try looking on Another place to look is

How Can I Become A Better Waitress?

Q: I have been a server at ihop for over a year now. There are days when i make pretty money but some that i dont do too well. I want to become a better server. I tend to stay polite and nice to my tables. Get them refills.

What Would You Say Are The Pros And Cons Of Being A Waitress?

Q: I currently work in a pizza place so I’m used to rude people and handle myself well in those situations. I work part time 3 or 4 days a week so I was thinking of waitressing a couple of days in the morning just to get some extra